Spiritual Narrative

spi narr




A direct correlation exists between living a true story and being our truest self. An authentic way of living and being go together. Like a good story, they tell each other- the character is the tale and the tale is the character. If either of these is lost or misconstrued—the authenticity of the character or the story—they must be reconciled. This is the beginning of all great adventures, fiction and non-fiction. The character either doesn’t know who she is or has forgotten. The byproduct of this realization is success, heroism, and the truth. In our own lives, realizing and living our truth is the first step in living with a narrative for our life that harmonizes all aspects of self- physical, psychological, and emotional. Like any story, a narrative reveals itself over time, often without the characters knowledge. It is no different in our everyday lives. Yet, can it be possible to become aware of the overall narrative of our lives while we are living them? Can we know what our true story is about? Could there be such a thing as a spiritual narrative—that like the promise of a hero, follows, guides, and inspires us? Not that reveals every aspect of the plot, but that no matter what happens, confirms us with the knowing of what our story is about, means, and is for.

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