Loose Change


“Your choices are the single most creative force in your life. Not what happens to you, not what you want to happen, but what you choose—and what you choose is not a one-time decision, it is a moment by moment practice. The more you invest your choices in awareness of what you want in your life, the more constructive your choices become.
This book is about making the most of your choices. Not some of your choices, but all of your choices. It is the little choices you make, as much as the big ones, that when made wisely, add up to success. The choices I love, are the spare ones. The choice that has not been designated for an hour, but is free to be invested in whatever I want. Reruns of sitcoms, reading a book, taking a walk, cleaning the garage.
The big choices are like dollars, and the little choices are like loose change. When you invest both into your life with clarity and passion, the best possible outcomes return to you.”


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