Good is a Choice










 I was in Las Vegas and I sat down at the Roulette table and got 100 dollars in chips. I won, I lost. I lost again. I looked at the people at the table placing opposite bets from me and realized they were secretly praying too. But I’m the minister right…I have to win. I’ve got the most spiritual power here. I tried to intuitively pick the right numbers. I tried to deductively realize I had been divinely guided to this table at the right time. I tried to telekinetically get the ball to land on my number in the wheel. As the roulette wheel span I wondered, “Is this the futility of prayer? To ask to win? To ask for more?” Is prayer about asking for what is, or is it about utilizing what you’ve been given?”

“Yes,” was the answer…this was futile prayer. Yet, I did get another answer. Enjoy life. Have fun. Choose good.

 Regardless of outcome, choose the good.

  And that I think is a fundamental spiritual question… Is good something we create or is good something we choose?

 If good is something we create, good is the result of skills, luck, gambling, magic and control.

 If good is a choice it means that good is the privilege of a clear mind and a grateful heart.

The good is never outside of us, the good is always in our choices. Not just in what we choose but in the choosing.

 Maybe I’m just saying that cause I lost my hundred dollars at roulette, but I do love this idea that Good is always here, that love is always here, that fulfillment is always here, but it must be chosen.

  Ernest Holmes said, “The gift of life is not complete until it is accepted.”

 Good is not a possession it is a choice. Love is not a possession it is a choice. Peace is not a possession it is a choice.

It’s always there.

  We are making things difficult for ourselves when we start making our good dependent on something other than choice. In fact, we start opposing our good because we start denying ourselves the freedom. For good is closely related to freedom…good is the freedom to grow, to love, to enjoy. When we start measuring or comparing our good to another’s, we start to lose it and it becomes dependent.

Does that mean give up on good? No, it means return it to your choice.

 When your on your couch and your wondering what to do next…choose good. When your channel surfing your mind for different channels of memories while your going to sleep…choose good. When you’re your grumpy and it is hot and you could snap at someone, don’t…choose good.

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