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A Renewable Purpose

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Too many are focused on the idea that purpose is something “fixed.” So they wait for the world to give them a purpose, to show them what to do. When it doesn’t show up, or when it doesn’t look the way they expected, they become not only disappointed but feel fractured spiritually.

I believe in having a “renewing purpose.” A purpose that is based on being our best self today with the commitment to be it with whatever may come tomorrow.

I love the definition of purpose alluded to in these words from Frederick Beuchner… “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

That’s a great question to ask ourselves, “Where do my gladness and the world’s needs interact?”
One can ask herself what is the world’s hunger and do her best to feed it, but I do believe it is easier to know what your deepest gladness is and follow that. We don’t have to know what the world’s hunger is, just show up as much as possible in all that we do. If the world is hungry, it will find you.

The following questions and checklist may be helpful in forming a “renewing purpose”

What qualities of life are most important to me?
(If the person you want to have the greatest impact on in your life were to describe the qualities they most admire about you, what would you want them to say?)

Whom do I most admire?
(I suggest naming someone you know and someone you just know about-see how the combinations of whom you admire make you the unique expression that you are.)

What about my life I am most proud of?
(The truth is, many of us are living our purpose gloriously, we just don’t know it.)

Checklist for a “renewing purpose”

Is it a way of being? A “renewing purpose” is a statement not about what you do, but how you approach all that you do.
(For example, if you are meant to be a photographer, don’t say, My purpose is to take great pictures… say, “My purpose is to approach life with open eyes, a willingness to see differently, and to make more visible that which is unseen.”)

Is it present? A “renewing purpose” must always take place in the present.
(It should not be a statement of who you have yet to become or want to be, but of who you can embody and be today.)

Is it conditional? If your purpose is dependent on a particular event taking place or on another purpose it is not “renewing.”
(Our purpose should be our own. It should be applicable and practical)

My Purpose: I am a presence for inspiration, listening, and love. I approach each day committed to the truth within and around me, wherever it leads.