Although it is possible to be bound and restricted, for most of us it is not what binds us but our attachment to what binds us that truly restricts us.
  It is so often that we speak our need for freedom in relationship to something. I want to be “Free from this situation” or “Free from this relationship” and although it may be true, we should never forget that freedom is not the state of escape, but of being whole-heartedly who we are. Freedom is a quality of a being that when practiced brings about our liberation.
  Freedom cannot just be the light at the end of the tunnel, but the light that guides our way. One does not reach freedom, it is not a result. Freedom is the quality of our spirit. Being it liberates us, and nothing else truly can.
  Ernest Holmes said, “The greatest gift life could have made to you is yourself. You are a spontaneous, self-choosing, center in life, in the great dream of being, the great joy of becoming, the certainty of eternal expansion. You could not ask for more and more could not have been given.”
  For all of my failings in life, one good thing I can say about them is that they are consistent. There is that line in that Jackson Brown song, “These Days,” which goes, “Don’t confront me with my failures, I have not forgotten them.” Our life gives us the opportunity to make the same mistakes; And my mistakes are generally one’s of inaction–of not speaking up, of not drawing a boundary with someone, of acting out of fear instead of love.
  I don’t think life continues to confront me with my failures to be mean, but I continue to bring them to life so that I might have the opportunity to overcome them. To no longer be subject by them.
  The truest lessons of life are not moral lessons- be kind to others, don’t steal… nor are they lessons about the ways of the world- survival of the fittest or money doesn’t grow on trees- the truest lessons of life are lessons about who we are. Who am I really and what happens as I evolve to see that who I am is more than my name and persona, but part of nature and those whom I love and discover connection with around me.
  It is in this learning, that I believe we find ourselves evolving into greater freedom.

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