The 2011 World Series

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The 2011 World Series

 In game six of the 2011 World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals were down to their last strike against the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers had a three to two game advantage in the series and were about to become World Series champions.  The Cardinals tied the game.  In extra innings, Texas took the lead again, but again, St. Louis, down to the last strike, tied the game.  David Friese broke the tie with a home run in the 11 inning, winning one of the best games in Major League history, the momentum of which helped the Cardinals win the 2011 World Series.

 After the Cardinals won, a friend posted the following on her Facebook account.   “Congratulations Cardinals, after all the critics said it couldn’t be done, you proved them wrong showing that if you believe in your dreams, anything is possible.”

 I appreciated her sentiment, but what about the poor Rangers?  What’s there story in all this?  “The better team won.”  “Let’s work even harder and get ‘em next time.”  Most likely, spare some dramatic flare, the team told themselves the story most in alignment with achieving their goal.

 It is the same with our lives.  Our successes and our failures, when we are positive, go together to tell the story of where we want to go.  Even if we are not sure where it is we are going, the path is clear.

 The simple truth is, some outcomes don’t produce stories, they must be told.  We lose a game, that’s the end of that story, or is it?  It is how we respond that carries the story onward.  It is not the responsibility of the story to tell itself, we have to make it true.


 Cardinals player Lance Berkman, a hero in game six, was interviewed after the game.  He was asked like all World Series hero’s if he had dreamt of that moment as a child.  Berkman responded, “The difference is, people aren’t ready to call you a choking dog if you get out.  A warning to all you kids out there, be careful what you wish for.”

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