Josh Reeves  Sigmund Freud described dreams as a way of thinking.  That’s an interesting point when looking at the common assumption that dreams are a window into what we really think. 

We can perhaps apply Freud’s description as well to feeling, or moving.  They are ways of thinking, and in the same way thinking is a way of dreaming, a way of moving, and a way of feeling too.

  I don’t know about you, but when I look to my thinking to tell me how I feel, I get in the way of how I feel.  When I look at how I feel to tell me what I think, I get confused.   Of course all of the above stated uses of mind and heart are related, but each have a language of their own.  All transcribe this thing called spirit or consciousness via our uniqueness.

  Our dreams should not be investigated to see what they say about what we think or feel, but what about our consciousness they communicate.  What do our dreams have to tell us in their own unique way, about who we really are?

  I recall a dream I had several years ago.  I’m at a sports bar I attended regularly with some friends and in the dream the cocktail waitress began to talk with me.  At first the words were clear and crisp, easy to understand.  And then, as if I had been submerged in water, the words were being spoken, but I couldn’t hear them at all, from my mouth or hers.  The communication didn’t cease however.  It kept going.  I was aware of our energies exchanging…of feelings, and vibrations, and what we might call the “non-verbal” communing but loud and clear.   And then deeper still, as if our soul’s had been communing this whole time, having a very different conversation than the one being exposed with words.  At that point in the dream, the waitress showed me her checkbook.  It read, “The purpose of the living is the communication of the dead.”  Then I woke up.

  That meant something powerful in the dream.  As I think about it, I know I probably take meaning from it, but what it says to me is that communication happens at many different levels and from areas of ourselves we are not as aware of as others.

  Dreams, as a way of communicating within ourselves, have something powerful to say.  A dream, like a grand idea or realization, can be an epiphany that reveals and allows a part of ourselves to become, that wasn’t quite before. 

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  1. John Speight says:

    Read Fritz Perls on the interpretation of dreams and all will become clear.

  2. Linda Watson says:

    Perls is definitely good stuff. And part of the beauty of dreams is that it is always a Mystery.

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