Joshua Reeves

  Many people can get caught up in what I call a yellow perspective, which I borrow from the term “yellow journalism,”-that practice of creating a dramatic headline that is generally a greatly exaggerated truth to get you to buy the paper.

   You can see this often in something like the Huffington Post- “SOUND THE ALARM- G8 finance chiefs to hold emergency meeting” or “MISERY IN MADISON-Walker wins Wisconsin recall election.”

   Can you see how we can sometimes create an over amplified headline in our own lives? 

“IT’S ALL OVER- Jennifer’s boyfriend is late again.” “SHE HATES ME-John’s love interest hasn’t replied to his e-mail yet.” “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH-Rebecca is still trying to write the great American novel.”  “LIFE SUCKS- there’s traffic on the 405 again.” 

  It is up to us to read into the context of our lives to find out what the story really is. This helps us break free of the many patterns and triggers our exaggerated headlines may cause us to spur into.

  We will never have an authentic realization of the real truth in our lives by telling ourselves a false story, be that a false story because it is laced with dramatic victimhood, or naive positivity.  Only through doing the investigating to find out what is fundamentally true about who we are and the life in our heart that we want to live can we begin to form headlines for ourselves that are more in step with our true story.

  The best stories don’t need big headings…but if you must, “No BIG DEAL- Jennifer goes out by herself.”  “SO WHAT?” John puts down his IPHONE and calms down.”  “CHAPTER ONE- Rebecca starts over.” “SIDE STREETS”- change your route, change your drive.”

  Our headlines should be grand and encompassing of our whole life- “LIVING FOR FUN AND MEANING.” “FINDING OUT WHAT LOVE IS ABOUT.”  “DOING MY BEST ALL THE TIME.”  When the yellow perspectives start to rise, it is a sign that the guiding themes and narrative that you are most passionate about in your life are being pushed to the classifieds somewhere.  Taking a long read through of your life can help put not only the story, but who is telling it in perspective. 

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  1. Rachel says:

    Wonderful!!! Really love this one.

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